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Customer's response to reworking an unplayable flute made by an unknown flute maker.

'Dear Vance:

What a transformation you have created in the re-working of this flute. This flute had been about as much fun as blowing through a paper towel roll (wind tunnel) to once again playing an instrument with a song to sing. You DO have a magic touch!

BTW (By the way), I had dinner the other night with C. S. - she purchased your 3130G flute - she's in the flute circle here and we are looking forward to our next 'flute loop' to play our Waking Spirit flutes together.


A flute that had been partially crushed.

Dear Vance, you did a WONDERFUL job repairing my flute - and my heart along with it!  It took me awhile before I could even open the (VERY  nicely packed!) box because I was afraid of what I would see.  All I see now is my beautiful flute looking like it always has ---- I surely don't know how you managed that magic; you must be a master craftsman!  You have my deep gratitude, I am so glad I found you!
Mary E.

Customer's response to a difficult repair job.
Dear Vance,

I just arrived home, and found my flute waiting for me.

With great anticipation, I unpacked it and placed it to my lips. Words cannot adequately describe the joy I felt, as that first beautifully clear note issued forth!

You've done a remarkable thing; you have made the sound 'perfect', while retaining the distinctive (and indescribable) qualities that make this flute very unique.

You are truly gifted, and I thank you for saving and improving this beloved instrument. The repair work blends flawlessly with the original wood, and as I've already stated, the sound is heavenly.

It was a great pleasure dealing with you and I can tell you that my next flute purchase will definitely be a 'Waking Spirit'. I can only imagine the quality and workmanship of one of your original creations...

Respectfully Yours,


Burning Tree Flute Studio
Annex - Burning Tree Flute Studio

Do you have a flute that has been damaged? Or, a flute that just refuses to play as well as you would like?

You may be of the opinion that a flute that is laying around in your cupboard or in a dusty basement is only really worth keeping because you paid good money for it.  Sometimes, such a flute will be spending all of its days hanging on the wall as a decoration or as an 'eye catcher' in a display cupboard or on a shelf.

Now you can have that flute brought back to life!  The repair of damaged or 'non-playable' Native American, style or inspired Flutes is both worthwhile and quite possible.

Because of his love of flutes, Waking Spirit feels your old or damaged flute should have the right to be heard and to sing its song again and is, therefore, prepared to take on any repair on a NO FIX NO CHARGE basis. All you would have to spend is the cost of mailing the flute to and from Waking Spirit's Burning Tree workshop.

Please feel free to inquire about your flute by contacting Vance at:


or call (503) 397-1242